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Our mission is to enrich societies with secular ethics and reflective practices, informed by the latest research, and expressed in original creative, scholarly and journalistic publications and events. Our work has strong themes of well-being, sustainability, cultural enrichment and community building.

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The Poetry of Places – what I hope to achieve

Poetry of Places is an idea that grew out of my passion for bringing poetry and other art forms to a much broader audience using the latest technologies, multi-media, cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovative venues and events. I am especially interested in creating poems and other art works that are inspired by both deeply felt experience and objective research, and which respond to the need for the arts to help us meet our global challenges.

The pilot project is based on a developing collection of my own poems that explore the ways in which we interpret and are formed and transformed by the natural environments we experience. It will create immersive live experiences which will get us thinking more broadly and deeply about the value to be found in the earth’s natural environments.

Another particular interest of mine is the application of the arts to environmentally/ecologically designed buildings, landscapes and interiors and the social, physical and psychological benefits this can offer. This is why I hope that we will screen our film-poems in innovative environmentally designed indoor or outdoor spaces.

The best phrases to describe this project are:

Environment focused

Applied poetry

Experience based

Research inspired

Tech friendly

On a personal level this project combines my love of poetry with a passion to help build a better environment for future generations. It also arises from my confidence that new technologies and collaborations across artistic genres and research disciplines is the basis for producing the quality and quantity of innovation that is necessary to achieve such ambitious goals such as those outlined in the UN’s the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development:

http://the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

I hope that our activities and events will help in maintaining the momentum created by the UN Climate Change Conference to be held in Paris later this year, otherwise simply known as “Paris 2015” (Nov 30 – Dec 11) and all the related satellite events. See the link below for details of the UN conference:

Anastasia Somerville-Wong

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Introducing the Poetry of Places Film-Poem Pilot Project

The Poetry of Places pilot is underway with work beginning soon on test shoots for a film-poem cycle exploring the transcendent experiences many people have when they encounter natural environments.

The film-poems will be produced in a collaborative process by Anastasia Somerville-Wong (Poet) and Angie Stone (Videographer).

The Poetry of Places pilot will use Anastasia’s reflective, sensory and evocative poems which are multi-layered and textured with meaning. The meta-narratives, sub-narratives, visions and imaginings which inspired the text will be explored and drawn out in conversation and translated into visuals and sounds that will enrich and enhance the words of the poetry.

We will aim for complementary or synchronous rhythms that tie together the spoken words, the movement of the visuals and the recorded natural sounds. Silence and stillness will be as integral a part of our work as motion and sound. There will also be other echoes across media reflecting not only the meanings but also the shapes and sounds of the words themselves.

The aim is that our audiences will have an immersive and transformative experience of both poetry and film that surpasses what each medium could achieve independently; one which leaves a vivid and powerful impression of the meaning and value that human beings find in natural environments.

We aim to showcase our work in 2016 at both international and local events and will be updating the blog regularly with our progress and up-coming events. We will also include any workshops organised in relation to our expertise and work on the Poetry of Places pilot project.