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Imagining Alternatives: Feasts for the Future

Regen South West Dinner at the Exeter Brewery...

Since the start of the year, I have been working with Dr David Sergeant on the Feasts for the Future project at the University of Plymouth, in collaboration with not-for-profit social enterprise, Regen.

The Feasts for the Future are part of the AHRC funded project, Imagining Alternatives, which will run for twenty-four months between January 2018 and January 2020.

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We also have a blog at Imagining Alternatives blog

My perspective on this project is that it is an excellent opportunity to encourage people to think differently about how we meet our global energy challenges. We tend to look at our communities in the light of the past and all the environmental challenges we face because of it. At the heart of the ‘Feasts for the Future’ project, is the idea that if we look at ourselves from the perspective of possible future communities instead, we will take more positive action in the present.

By sharing a meal and telling stories about the ground-breaking renewable energy and energy efficiency projects taking place successfully in our region and around the world, we can develop a realistic and cooperative vision of what our communities could be like in the future. This vision may be more effective than the ever-present threat of destruction and disaster in motivating communities to take on ambitious projects that will transform the way they live.