Secular Liturgies Network and Forum

Our mission is to enrich societies with secular ethics and reflective practices, informed by the latest research, and expressed in original creative, scholarly and journalistic publications and events. Our work has strong themes of well-being, sustainability, cultural enrichment and community building.

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Secular Liturgies: A Welcome Message

Secular Liturgies: Welcome Message

On 13th July 2018, I launched the Secular Liturgies Creative Writing Project, now called the Secular Liturgies Network and Forum (or just SLN/SLF for short). My hope is that the network will bring together people from many different backgrounds to explore potential common ground when it comes developing secular ethics and the concept of a rational human spirituality. The aim is for participants to contribute liturgy and ideas for liturgical events, broadcasts and other outputs that have the potential to enrich secular cultures and societies. The Secular Liturgies Forum is a closed group for private discussion of the relevant social and cultural issues.

This network seeks to bring together all those interested in a rational, secular approach to human spirituality, an approach that rejects superstition and dogmatism but seeks to enrich secular life and culture with creative liturgical writings and events.

Spirituality, for most modern people, means a genuine pursuit of truth, goodness or virtue. It means experiencing awe and wonder, love and self-transcendence, and cultivating empathy and compassion for other living beings. Rational spirituality demands honesty, freedom and equality, which runs counter to the religious power structures that have been dominant for so long. It also means rediscovering and appreciating our place in nature, an emphasis which contrasts with the efforts of religion to set humanity apart from its natural origins and even to set us apart from the needs of our own physical bodies.

The aim of the network is to share and discuss ideas, writing, art, philosophy, cultural heritage, events and research that will help to enrich secular societies and inspire us to meet the challenges of our time.

So far, our community consists of humanists, atheists, agnostics, free-thinkers, sceptics, philosophers, the nonreligious, those from liberal denominations such as the Unitarians and British Quakers, liberals from other denominations, and members of progressive religious reform movements such as Progressive Christianity, Humanistic Judaism, Secular Buddhism and so forth.

All are welcome!

Our NINE THEMES for writing and liturgical events are:

1. Life-Cycles – birth celebrations, weddings, funerals, coming of age
2. Seasons – yearly/seasonal events following a secular calendar
3. Health and Well-being – reflection, meditation, mindfulness
4. Sustainability – anything related to environmental concerns
5. Good Life – personal growth, wisdom, virtue, kindness, compassion
6. Good Society – social justice, human rights and liberal values
7. Big Culture – cultural exchange, comparative philosophy and religion
8. Friendship – companionship, relationships, humour and fun
9. Critical Thinking – evidence, research, excellent science

This network invites you to contribute comments and posts on social, cultural and other relevant issues, personal accounts/testimony, liturgical ideas and extracts, suitable poetry, short stories, short dramatic scripts, and suggestions for readings from novels, poetry, philosophy and other texts.

Also welcome, are ideas for activities that may be integrated into secular liturgical events, such as meditations, community feasts, tea ceremonies, dance routines, multimedia and other technological contributions, art exhibitions, songs and other musical compositions.

You can find our network page on Facebook at:

The page links to the private discussion group, the Secular Liturgies Forum.