Secular Liturgies Network and Forum

Our mission is to enrich societies with secular ethics and reflective practices, informed by the latest research, and expressed in original creative, scholarly and journalistic publications and events. Our work has strong themes of well-being, sustainability, cultural enrichment and community building.


SL Event Flyer

Secular Liturgies 2019 Schedule

From 9:30 am we will gather in the Library Foyer. There is a cafe here where you can purchase teas/coffees and snacks.

10:30 am (in the Rougemont Room) Secular Liturgies 2019: Secular Ethics and Reflective Practices (Dr Anastasia E. Somerville-Wong)

11 am: Faith Communities after Supernatural Theism (Rev Dr Roger L. Ray)

11.50 am: Q and A with Roger Ray and Anastasia Somerville-Wong

12:30 pm: Bring sandwiches for a picnic lunch and continued discussions in Rougemont Gardens (weather permitting)

Guest/Keynote Speaker

Rev Dr Roger L. Ray

Dr Ray 2

Rev. Dr. Roger L. Ray

Roger L. Ray is the founding pastor of The Emerging Church (, and the author of “Progressive Faith and Practice” and “Progressive Conversations”. His sermons reach an audience of several thousand through podcast (Progressive Faith Sermons on iTunes) and videos (CCCSPRINGFIELD on YouTube). He earned M.Div. and D.Min. degrees at Vanderbilt Divinity School and was a 2004 fellow at Harvard Divinity School.

Other Events

We hold regular live communal events in The Forum, our Facebook Group. If you are sympathetic to our aims and objectives (see also our Nine Themes), you are very welcome to join us.

There must be a certain level of mutual trust for these events to work.  Therefore, we would ask that all wishing to take part abide by the ‘Golden Rule’, which can be found within almost all of the secular, philosophical and religious traditions: treat others with the respect and kindness that is also due to you.




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